Alpharetta GA Plumber: Toilet InstallCall R.S. Andrews Plumbing in Alpharetta GA for Toilet Installation. This is a good time to upgrade to a water saving toilet. You may be wanting to get away from the old toilet because it clogs often. You will find in today’s water saving toilets will very seldom get clogged up.

For your convenience we have added a YouTube video of items that a homeowner should purchase when considering installing a new toilet. The checklist includes things like a wax ring rubber gloves a water supply line, adjustable wrenches, a hacksaw, a putty knife, a plunger, disposable rags, a sponge and bucket. And don’t forget the name and number of a good plumber in case you get stuck. Don’t be embarrassed to happens all the time these jobs are a lot more complicated than they look.

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Toilet Installation Cost

Looking up and down the isle at Lowe’s or Home Depot give you an idea of what a toilet costs. As you of experience the range is very wide. RS Andrews carries a complete line of replacement toilets so kind of get an idea of what you would like to have while you’re at the Home Depot and then call your representative from RS Andrews and see what they have in stock that is comparable.

DIY Toilet Installation

Installing a toilet requires you get in some pretty tight spaces and spend a lot of time on your knees if you’re not capable of doing that we suggest you contact the plumber right-of-way. On the other hand if you are capable have added because this is a way to save yourself some money and yet get a low-flow toilet that looks good and won’t clog up.

Toilet Flange Installation

We have included another video at this time to show how the flanged is installed. You have to take into account the thickness of the flooring this is especially true if you have a tile floor.

Toilet Repairs in Tank

If you are having problems with your toilet such as the water running own or debris clogging the drain there may be a few things you can do to just upgrade the internal of the toilet and make it work better again. Go to your to big box store and purchase new flappers and or a kit to replace all of the internals

There are many different brands of toilets available.American Standard, Kohler, and Toto are three of the better known brands in our area. Ask your plumber what brands they carry. They may be able to get better pricing than even the big box hardware stores can offer.