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Atlanta GA PlumbersAll the Atlanta area has learned from experience that R.S. Andrews is the team to call for installing water heaters and making sewer repairs. Don’t settle for someone that is not licensed and insured. If problems occur, you’ll be left with substandard work that will have to be redone.

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Is it time for a new water heater? Has your old GE or Whirlpool model seen better days? Water heater units that are manufactured today are energy efficient, unlike the models of 10 years ago. Since that average life of a heater is a decade, it is not a bad thing to replace the old with an energy efficient model. Call today for pricing and service help. Read more at our Houston water heater website.

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When running a business in Atlanta, it is important to have functional plumbing. Customers need to be able to use the restroom and wash their hands. Regardless of the type of business, working plumbing is essential. If you have a toilet that’s overflowing or water lines that are not working properly, call us. We can tend to all your commercial plumbing needs.

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There is only one thing worse than a clogged drain and that is a sewer backup. When a sewer backs up it can come up through the shower floor and sinks. This smelly waste is horrible to deal with and can be dangerous. When you have problems with your drain and sewage systems, call us first. We can help you get your drains lines running clear.