Alpharetta GA Plumber: Gas Line Leaks

Natural gas is one of the greatest and abundant natural resources in America, but with its use come transporting it through natural gas lines and leaks. While the maintenance of large distribution lines is best left to the gas companies, the smaller pipes leading into and feeding your Alpharetta, GA home are your responsibility. And a common misconception is that you have to call the gas company for inspection and repair. Call RS Andrews, the Alpharetta plumber that has a BBB A+ Rating, at 404-793-7887.

Your Alpharetta Plumber Can Help with Your Natural Gas Lines and Leaks

Truth be told, there isn’t much difference from the pipes that bring water into the house and the gas pipes. Both are under pressure from what is moving through them, can corrode, develop leaks, and should have at least annual check ups to catch any developing issues before they become big ones. And most plumbers nowadays are just as qualified to work on natural gas lines and leaks as well as anyone the gas company might send out.

Warning Signs of Gas Leaks

The most obvious reason to make that call will be the “rotten egg” smell from the odorant that is added to natural gas. Rarely a slight hissing sound from lines or gas appliances can be heard without the smell, but these are very rare. If you do pick up the smell of leaking natural gas, make no attempt to find the source. Put out any and all open flames, like pilot lights on stoves and heaters. Turning off the gas at the source is a good idea as well. Once the plumber arrives, they can safely locate inspect and locate the natural gas lines and leaks with their equipment.

Once the leak or leaks have been located, it’s an easy matter for your Alpharetta plumber from R.S. Andrews to repair the natural gas lines and leaks. Once they have done so, arrange for a follow up inspection by the gas company to make sure that everything was done according to code. And don’t forget to have an annual inspection done by your Georgia state licensed plumbing contractor to check for leaks, either.