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Leak Detection – RS Andrews 404-793-7887 – Alpharetta Plumbing

Compromised pipes can lead to all manner of problems, from frustration to damaged plumbing and property, making correct leak detection important to a free flowing house. Any time there is a noticeable change in water pressure, unexplained standing water, puddles, or even odd noises coming from the plumbing, it is time to call in a knowledgeable professional Alpharetta plumber from R.S. Andrews to see if a leak exists somewhere in the water lines.

How Does My Alpharetta Plumber do Leak Detection?

The best method of leak detection depends on where the pipe is located. Inside pipes are usually easy to get to, and the gas filling method works best. Typically, industrial hydrogen is pumped into the pipe, and a device that is sensitive to the gas is run over the pipes. If any leak exists, it gets picked up. learn more at Gilbert AZ Air Conditioning Repair.

What about outside pipes?

Our Alpharetta plumbing crews arrive with the latest technology for finding leaks in water and natural gas lines. Outside pipes are often buried, making access to them difficult. However, radar waves can easily go through dirt and the pipes, making them great for outside leak detection. When the radar unit passes over a spot that is compromised or cracked, it will register differently from intact piping, making pinpointing the leak easier. As an additional benefit, with the leak pinpointed, less of the yard has to be dug up, incurring less labor costs and disruption.

Old School Leak Detection

Some plumbers still use the geophone, which resembles a stethoscope and works on a similar principal. Water leaking from a pipe makes a different noise than water that is flowing through the pipe, and listening for these variations in sound is how the geophone does leak detection. The drawback to the method, however, is that direct access to the pipe is needed, and oddly enough, big leaks produce little to no sound that can be picked up.