Alpharetta GA Plumbers: Water Lines

The water pipes in our houses aren’t something we think about unless we have to deal with busted, frozen leaking water lines. When this happens, we become aware of just how destructive water can be and how important a properly functioning piping system is. In these plumbing emergencies, call RS Andrews, the Alpharetta plumber that is A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau.

How to Avoid Busted, Frozen, Leaking Water Lines

Prevention is always better than cure, so taking these step can help to avoid the problem of busted, frozen, leaking water lines in the first place, or at least minimize the havoc they can cause. Having your water lines inspected at least once a year by a local plumber can detect such things as extensive corrosion, pin holes, or pipes that are well past their useful life. Replacing a pipe before it fails keeps away flooding and water damage.

Keep on top of weather forecasts, and if low overnight temperatures are expected or a freeze warning is issued, take heed. Make sure that any pipe in danger of freezing is properly insulated (read more at Also, opening the faucet enough for a slow drip keeps the water moving and not freezing up. And of course, once a puddle or other standing water is found anywhere for any reason, try to locate the reason and source. Most leaks start out small, so deal with them before they get big.

What to Do if You Suspect Busted, Frozen, Leaking Water Lines

Despite all efforts, sometimes you will get busted, frozen, leaking water lines. If after a cold night and you turn on the faucet and nothing comes out, you know the lines are frozen. Same if you spot a puddle. Turn off the water at the main, and call your Alpharetta plumber, hopefully R.S. Andrews. Trying to find the leak or broken pipe yourself can lead to water damage or flooding, whereas they can find it with the water off and no damage.